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T-Mobile y American Mobile

Sometimes it is useful to consult the statistics of our website to know what our visitors are looking for, and thus be able to add material of the most interesting topics.

But sometimes we find some visitors who come looking for very curious key words, and in some cases key words that we find strange.
Words like "phone", "mobile", "smatphone", "iphone" or "Samsung" are common results, but sometimes the topics of interest seem to be others.
We share some examples below.

t mobile store around me, t mobile stores in my area, t mobile hours near me, t mobile close to me

As it seems, T-Mobile is not communicating correctly where are your commercial attention, and for some reason that we do not know many people come here looking for that information.
It would be impossible to include this kind of information here, it is information to search in the yellow pages of your city.

t mobile store by me, t mobile official store

Again it seems that when people look for topics related to T-Mobile, Google sends it to our site, even though we have never included information about this phone service until today.

t mobile service reviews, www t mobile com, tmobile com, t mobile best, t mobile insurance

More and more visitors looking for information about T-Mobile.
We are thinking about changing the name of our blog: "We are not T-Mobile".

t mobile logo

In order not to disappoint anyone else, we include the logo of this company below, it is not such a difficult request to fulfill, and at least we leave happy those who arrive looking for that.

american mobile

Once again we will disappoint our visitors.
We understand that American Mobile is a traveler's health insurance or something similar.
It's not that kind of mobility that this blog is about, apologies to those who come looking for health, we do not have that here.

Anyway, to all those who come here looking for information that we do not have, we thank you for your visit.

What is Sammobile and how does it work?

Hello friends, many have asked us about Sammobile and how it works, this is a tool with which we have to solve programming problems of Samsung's android devices.


First of all you must have an account in Sammobile which is free by clicking where it indicates the image, after entering the basic data we can use the tool that calls the attention of this page and is the power to download the firmware of our device Samsung, I remind you that the use of this tool is under your responsibility as they will be indicated later should be clear in certain parameters to choose the most suitable tool for your cell phone and avoid irreparable problems.

In the Sammobile page you will find a FIRMWARE link, here you will find the necessary flash for your computer. This is downloaded by locating the exact model of your Smarthphone and having a clear version of the equipment installed, you must be careful with this step when choosing a lower version of the one that already had the equipment can incur to damage it totally, for that reason if it is not safe the recommended is to download the most updated version.

The tool to install this firmware is Odin, although this program will be discussed on another occasion, where we will see in detail its operation.

Remember this operation is at your risk, allows you to revive your computer, uninstall viruses that despite hard reset do not disappear, update the version of the equipment etc.